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I’m a tank at heart.

I started playing World of Warcraft oh so long ago as a rogue, but not even a year later I desired a change of scenery.  I became tired of what seemed like the same repeated procedure over and over to maximize DPS.  So, I made a new toon, one that I never thought I’d make: an orc warrior.  This was the time of the Burning Crusade, and I made a promise to myself to learn the ropes of tanking.  And that I did.

All these many years and expansions (and games…) later,  I still normally play from a tanking perspective.  I want to be the person that goes in first, headstrong against any dangers that might come about.

I’m also a very, very, very, very, VERY logical person.  As a for-instance, when I tank in WoW, I’m always mindful of every bit of my surroundings as I can be, and mindful of not what I’m doing, but what others are doing too.  Sometimes I pay attention so much to everything else that I forget to pay attention to myself (I’m looking at you, Kel’Thuzad with your jesus portals…). I pay attention to threat whenever possible; that used to be through mods like Omen and such, but lately it’s just been, “Is it hitting me?  Good.”

So with this in mind, as you can see from the video that I posted earlier of TERA

A boss fight.

A boss fight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, I charged head-first into a new dungeon in a new game that I’d never tanked on before.  I honestly wasn’t sure if I would expect a threat-based system for mobs or not; I thought I would, given the types of skills that warriors gain that all have increased aggro.  My Lancer’s skills did not seem to have those additions.

In any case, tanking that instance for the trash seemed to be a hot mess.  Mobs running around everywhere, no real tried-and-true way to get them to stay on me, etc.  I think I’m going to have to adjust my skills a little bit to incorporate the area-wide aggro shout more into my routine.

The boss fights, though, seemed to go more smoothly.  Well, the first one did anyway.  The mob mainly stuck to me, even the big rock…thing.  And it was so much fun to watch him bring about a great big hit and actually block it.  I’m definitely going back into that instance to at least fight that boss again.

The second boss fight kinda started before I got there (someone had accidentally pulled), but it wasn’t too huge of an issue.  The only issue I could see is it was *extremely* hard to tell if the boss was trying to hit me or one of the other melee.  Then again, considering his attacks, it wouldn’t really matter; he’d hit us all if he could.

The only real issue I found with the dungeon is that the party is formed with a round robin looting system.  The problem arose when people from another server picked up weapons and gear not meant for their class, but didn’t have any way of trading the items.  Unlike WoW, there is not a way to trade things cross-realm at all.  So in future dungeon runs, it will be better to have the party leader switch to a loot roll system.

More attempts at tanking are definitely in order.  It’ll be interesting to really get to the meat of the tanking system.  It seems familiar, but with the combat system as it is, plus collision, it’s also different.


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