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diablo III - installed! [1230]

diablo III – installed! [1230] (Photo credit: brianjmatis)


*watches tumbleweed roll by*

….am I the only one that isn’t playing Diablo 3?

I mean, I have it.  I downloaded it.  But…yeah.  I’m not playing it yet.  Never been that big on the Diablo scene.

But it’s all I hear about now.  So I must be in the minority in the world.


…*hears echo*



  1. You are not alone in the wilderness. I’ve not fired it up yet either. I think I’m starting to resent it because of the constant, “OMG why are you in WoW and not D3?” comments I’ve been getting.

    • Ha! Thankfully I haven’t logged into WoW lately either, otherwise I might be in the same boat.

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