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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

August 28th, 2012: Guild Wars 2 is coming.  Hard to believe that Tyria will become 200+ years old in the wink of an eye.

I meant to post my first impressions of the last Beta Weekend Event, but sadly I had limited playtime due to real life obligations.  Not to worry, though, I won’t bore you with the details.  My previous post has the 1 1/2-hour video if that’s your cup of tea.

Truly, though, even though my total playtime for that weekend was very short (roughly 2 1/2, 3 hours), I enjoyed myself in Guild Wars 2.  It felt like I was coming home of sorts.  The awesome music was reminding me of good ol’ times in pre-Searing Ascalon.  It was almost like I”d never left.  …Except for being level 1 again.

I will keep my first impressions to this bare minimum since it was so short, but I was really impressed for what little time I played.  I’ll be glad when it’s released and I can get back into that world again, provided I have the time.


Hey folks!

A live stream is about to occur of epic proportions.  You are about to enter Tyria through the eyes… of the Creative n00b.

This live stream will take you through several character creation options in Guild Wars 2 (as I’m one of those who picks through every little detail when making a first toon :-P), and the first little bit of PVE gameplay.

All of this stuff may have already been done before, but there’s still a sense of wonder from seeing how another person did things.

You can find the live stream at my Twitch.TV page:

I’ll try to embed it below, but if it doesn’t work, just follow the link above.  Please note, I will NOT have chat open!  I mean no offense by it, just…I’m not a good multitasker.

EDIT: Live stream is over! Recorded video is being uploaded to YouTube as we speak.  The Twitch.TV video can be found here:

English: Logo of PC Gamer Français : Logo de P...

English: Logo of PC Gamer Français : Logo de PC Gamer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)  Much thanks for the beta key!

I got a beta key.

Yeah, that’s right, I won a beta key from PC Gamer.  I don’t think I can thank PC Gamer enough.  Much love.

No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to snooze on it like I did The Secret World beta. >.>

Yes, that does mean I might be putting off some homework. <.<

Stay tuned; over the weekend, I’ll live stream as much as I can (I’ll at least put the first hour of gameplay up as well as a glimpse of character creation).

The Exiled Realm of Arborea

The Exiled Realm of Arborea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I hate being an MMO addict.

I’ve played WoW for almost 7 years now.  Of course I’ve had my fair share of times where I took breaks from the game, but I would always get a hankering to play again.  This time around, it’s nowhere near as strong as it used to be.

I tried other MMOs over the years.  Played EVE Online, The Old Republic, Guild Wars (this was my gateway drug into MMOs, and I played it so much I burned out four months after release and couldn’t play it again), Lord of the Rings Online, RIFT, and some others that I can’t think of right now.  Aside from EVE (which just got boring after a while), all of the rest of them played the same way and began to look very very similar.

As some of you may know, though, Tera recently came out.  I began eyeing it a week ago just before release; it seems like the answer to my drought.  A new, refined combat system that’s different than other MMOs would be right up my alley.  Alas, though, I’m going to have to wait for a paycheck or two to get it, but I’m kind of afraid to.  The last MMO I bought was The Old Republic; don’t get me wrong, I liked it well enough, but when it came down to it the gameplay just didn’t stand out enough to keep me playing.  The story was good…but there were enough lull spots that I lost interest.  And I hate investing money into an MMO that I’m not going to play for long.  I did the same thing with Rift.

From looking at the world, graphics, and whatnot, it’s hard for me to decide if I would like Tera that much.  Sure, a change of gameplay will be refreshing, but that’s not the only thing that keeps me hooked.  The storyline and plot have to be intriguing, and the game has to show a lot of polish.  And so far, Tera looks like someone took Rift and Aion and smashed them together.  I don’t even know what the story’s like.

Then, there’s Guild Wars 2 on the horizon.  I’m really excited about it, but I don’t want the same thing that happened to me in the first one happen again in the second.  It wasn’t all my fault I burned out like I did.  There just wasn’t enough content to keep me entertained, so I had to make alts or redo missions several times, and all of the repetitiveness got to me.

Oh, the fate of an MMO gamer.  Decisions, decisions.


EDIT: Yeah…….I broke down and bought it on my way home from work.  I’ll write something about it in the coming days.

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