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Hey folks!

A live stream is about to occur of epic proportions.  You are about to enter Tyria through the eyes… of the Creative n00b.

This live stream will take you through several character creation options in Guild Wars 2 (as I’m one of those who picks through every little detail when making a first toon :-P), and the first little bit of PVE gameplay.

All of this stuff may have already been done before, but there’s still a sense of wonder from seeing how another person did things.

You can find the live stream at my Twitch.TV page:

I’ll try to embed it below, but if it doesn’t work, just follow the link above.  Please note, I will NOT have chat open!  I mean no offense by it, just…I’m not a good multitasker.

EDIT: Live stream is over! Recorded video is being uploaded to YouTube as we speak.  The Twitch.TV video can be found here:

English: Logo of PC Gamer Français : Logo de P...

English: Logo of PC Gamer Français : Logo de PC Gamer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)  Much thanks for the beta key!

I got a beta key.

Yeah, that’s right, I won a beta key from PC Gamer.  I don’t think I can thank PC Gamer enough.  Much love.

No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to snooze on it like I did The Secret World beta. >.>

Yes, that does mean I might be putting off some homework. <.<

Stay tuned; over the weekend, I’ll live stream as much as I can (I’ll at least put the first hour of gameplay up as well as a glimpse of character creation).

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