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Ouya controller

Ouya controller (Photo credit: Saad Faruque)

So, there’s a new console about to break ground called the Ouya, and it looks to fill the indie nitch like no other console before it.

Many consoles have tried to tap into this market before.  Xbox Live and the Playstation Network host independently developed games; even the original Playstation had some indie hits.  But the cost of entry can still be pretty high.

Enter: Ouya.  An Android-based consoles with pumped-up tablet specs that hopes to drive gameplay to a whole new level.  Call me old-fashioned (or just old), but I hope it brings back the good old days of the 8- and 16-bit era of video games.  Some of my favorite games of all time are Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG, and you just can’t find anything like them anymore.

Here’s to hoping that the Ouya brings something new to the table.  I’m looking at this from an optimistic viewpoint.


Hey folks!

A live stream is about to occur of epic proportions.  You are about to enter Tyria through the eyes… of the Creative n00b.

This live stream will take you through several character creation options in Guild Wars 2 (as I’m one of those who picks through every little detail when making a first toon :-P), and the first little bit of PVE gameplay.

All of this stuff may have already been done before, but there’s still a sense of wonder from seeing how another person did things.

You can find the live stream at my Twitch.TV page:

I’ll try to embed it below, but if it doesn’t work, just follow the link above.  Please note, I will NOT have chat open!  I mean no offense by it, just…I’m not a good multitasker.

EDIT: Live stream is over! Recorded video is being uploaded to YouTube as we speak.  The Twitch.TV video can be found here:

Image representing TWiT as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I want to take a moment to plug a show that’s about to be cancelled unless it can somehow miraculously double its viewership.  I believe in the video game community enough to believe this miracle can happen.

The show: Game On!

Whether you watched it live, listen to it in audio/podcast form, or download the video, Game On! is a refreshing take on gaming podcasts.  Most other shows focus on their own content that they pander on their sites (reviews or videos they have on their site), or they have sponsorships pushing them to show things just for lipservice.  Game On!, however, takes things to a more personal level and interviews developers and other people behind the games that we know and love.  The hosts, Brian Brushwood and Veronica Belmont, are no strangers to the tech industry, and bring a level of enthusiasm that can’t be matched.

Sadly, the cost of production plus the lack of viewership has caused production of the podcast to halt.  However, Leo Laporte, owner of TWiT, has stated that he would consider bringing it back if viewership can reach more than 50k.  So, please, help this show stay around.  It truly is worth watching and worth keeping.  Download it through your podcast program of choice (iTunes, etc.) and help keep this show alive!

A joystick controller for the Atari 2600 video...

A joystick controller for the Atari 2600 video game system. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just realized that I started a brand-spankin’-new blog and didn’t even try to tell what my intent is.

My intent is simple: I want to talk about the game industry every week.

No fuss, no muss.  I want to hear from you (if anyone even reads this >.>).  I want…candy.

Sweet, sweet candy.

But I digress.  I believe video games are a creative outlet, and should be discussed as such.  So please, join me whenever you can.  Bookmark me, tweet me, comment me, whatever; let me know if you like, dislike, etc.  I will try to make a post every week about what I feel is the biggest topic of that week, and I’m definitely open to suggestions as well.

Anywho, This is the Professional n00b signing off.

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