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Image representing TWiT as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I want to take a moment to plug a show that’s about to be cancelled unless it can somehow miraculously double its viewership.  I believe in the video game community enough to believe this miracle can happen.

The show: Game On!

Whether you watched it live, listen to it in audio/podcast form, or download the video, Game On! is a refreshing take on gaming podcasts.  Most other shows focus on their own content that they pander on their sites (reviews or videos they have on their site), or they have sponsorships pushing them to show things just for lipservice.  Game On!, however, takes things to a more personal level and interviews developers and other people behind the games that we know and love.  The hosts, Brian Brushwood and Veronica Belmont, are no strangers to the tech industry, and bring a level of enthusiasm that can’t be matched.

Sadly, the cost of production plus the lack of viewership has caused production of the podcast to halt.  However, Leo Laporte, owner of TWiT, has stated that he would consider bringing it back if viewership can reach more than 50k.  So, please, help this show stay around.  It truly is worth watching and worth keeping.  Download it through your podcast program of choice (iTunes, etc.) and help keep this show alive!


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